Monday, August 3, 2015

Signing in from Guatemala! Sunday August 2nd

Signing on from Guatemala! All travel plans ran smoothly on Friday and Saturday. After arriving in Guatemala city around 11pm on Friday, we headed to Hotel Barcelo and had a good night’s sleep. Saturday was spent traveling from Guatemala city to Zacapa and Hope of Life. The team was able to settle in, eat dinner, and swim before heading to bed. Sunday morning brought church with the local Guatemalans in a breezy outdoor venue. A kind man translated the service for the “gringos” into English. After lunch, we took a guided tour around the 3,000 acre compound that makes up Hope of Life. We visited an elderly care home, warehouses to feed the locals and sell good to sustain the mission, Kelly’s house (a home for children with disabilities), the Village of Transformation (family style orphan care), and St. Luke’s nutrition center. This gave us a glimpse into what we will be seeing and working with this coming week. The next two hours was spent unpacking and redistributing our 850 pounds of donations. Each speciality found their respective donations and collected them into their own suitcase. After dinner, we spent time as a team discussion our plan of action for Monday and who would serve where. Everyone is going to bed tonight with assignments, donations, and anticipation for what the week will bring. Looking forward to what tomorrow brings...

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