Friday, August 4, 2017

Full of tears Friday

Well, that's it. We worked our last day at Padre Martinho's Orphanage here in Lima, Peru. At dinner, we went around and shared our highlight of the day, and one of our favorite things we witnessed from a team member. Katie was praised for her knowledge and dedication to learning and teaching the nannies how to run the feeding pumps. Melissa was recognized for always being willing to be where she was needed to be, to take the photo we wanted her to take, and being flexible. Jenny completed a wheelchair for Alexandra, and that was definitely a favorite moment, as Alexandra smiled and laughed when they finally put her in it. Amy was commended for her unique and well thought out special education activities.
Majesca applauded the entire team for working so hard at their "real jobs," and was admired for her knowledge and application of the Spanish language, and what that did to remove barriers between herself and the kids. We feel confident that 98% of what we came to do was accomplished, so we leave feeling grateful, satisfied, and joyful. We were given sweet gifts from Padre Martinho's, including a home made fruit salad, home made coffee mugs, and home made bracelets by Luicia.
Lisa, our liaison, was moved to tears by the joy we brought to the house, and labeled it as a much needed "reset." God's timing is perfect timing! We leave a bit of our hearts with these children, as always.
(final product- bag hanging by each bed with a profile and any specific toys/materials assigned to that child)

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Tough it out Thursday

We are fast approaching the end of the week! We are down to the nitty gritty of getting supplies and suggestions in order so when we depart, the work can continue. Amy spent the entire day writing out everyone's suggestions of activities that could be done with each child, and then getting it translated. Throughout the day, she borrowed different people to grab their suggestions (or photos, in the case of Melissa). Majesca finished up some one on one work, testing visual tracking with Aldo, and engagement with Rodrigo and Augusto. Katie spent most of her day helping with feeding, as well as working with a young man who was reported to be orally seeking.
Melissa also helped with feeding, sorted through and counted the feeding supply donations, and took position photos for our handouts. Jenny was able to get off campus and gain access to sewing machines to make a back rest for a wheelchair. Her afternoon was consumed with refurbishing wheelchairs. Trisha continues to play with babies. She was also able to go through games that might be appropriate for some visitors and volunteers to play with Jeremy, a young man with Autism.
We'll let Sebastian send you off with an "Adios" for today!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Work day Wednesday

Everyone hit their mid-week sleepy point today, right on schedule. We continued where we left off yesterday and really felt accomplished. Jenny did a lot of work with the Hoyer lift, getting directions translated and printed for the staff, and training them all on how to use it.
Katie spent her day using the feeding pumps with the kids and then training the nannies on how to implement a feeding schedule and work the pumps.
She also co-treated with Amy to work with Renzo. They were able to do some academic based experiences, and work on intentional communication with yes/no head switches.
Amy also spent her afternoon with Majesca writing info sheets on each kid with suggestions of experiences and activities that nannies and volunteers can implement. Majesca ran music with more kids today, and was able to spend some time with Esperanza who thoroughly enjoyed playing the xylophone.
Trisha worked on cooperative play this morning with Sebastian and Alexandra. Melissa ran around like a pollo with a head cut off. She got to be an RN for a bit today, as a tooth abscessed in Sebastian's mouth and required a prescription for antibiotics. She walked to the local pharmacy and got the correct medication for him. We might be small, but we are mighty!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Tuesday was a treat!

Happy Tuesday! It rained here in Lima today, and we were able to take a stroll in the drizzle, as we walked to and from the orphanage to save on transportation costs. Today's therapy felt a bit like the weather, slow and steady. Our PT worked on demonstrating and testing the hoyer lift, first with Majesca (our MT) and then a handful of the residents. She also helped set up and adapt Moises' motorized wheelchair in hopes that he will be able to use it in the community.
Katie spent a good deal of her time working on feeding instructions and feeding pumps. She was able to test out one of the pumps with water on Sebastian and verify that it was working (which it was!).
Majesca, after riding the hoyer lift, implemented academic based MT with Sebastian to work on color recognition and a few other concepts. In the afternoon she co-treated with Amy to work on stimulating and engaging Carlos, which was quite successful!
Amy spent her morning at the hardware store picking up the "things to buy" list. Trisha was able to talk with Padre Martinho's PT about some of the equipment and resources available to her that we pulled together. She worked with the 9 month old baby, and helped organize the feeding supplies into bins for Hermano Juan. Melissa helped photograph parts of the hoyer lift for an instruction manual and more positioning for some of the kids. Highlights included the working hoyer lift and feeding pump, & getting more positive responses from the kids, like this sweet face I'll leave you with for the evening.